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Black & White Cat

Photo of Cat

A black and white cat has been found on Wendhurst Ct.  For information, please call Tery or Erika Vari at 919-303-5914.



June News

Happy Summer everyone! Here’s what’s going on in the ‘hood:

1. The Summer edition of the neighborhood newsletter is ‘in the works’ and will be delivered to all residents over the next couple weeks. Please be on the look out for it in your mailbox (or slot underneath); a copy will also be available online.

2. Pool season is officially in high gear! Come and support our swim team – the Abbington Alligators – at their first home meet on Tuesday, June 18 against Silverton. Meet starts at 5:00pm and concessions will be sold. For more news about the Alligators, visit their website(Please note: This link is for public access only.)

3. A second ‘shade sail‘ was added to the shade structure at the pool… providing a nice big shady area for pool goers to enjoy.

4. A free social media site called Nextdoor was recently set up by an Abbington resident. It’s kinda like Facebook for neighborhoods and is a great communication tool for meeting neighbors, sharing recommendations and a place to post items for sale or to buy. The website is password protected and only ‘real’ neighbors are able to join (creating an account requires your address verification.) To join, click HERE and follow the prompts to create your account.

5. Updates to the Directory (Alpha & By Street) were made. The Directory By Street is now in a new and condensed format!