Clubhouse Committee Update – May 20

The following is an updated status from the Clubhouse Committee, as of 5/20/2016:

1. Committee Members: Kate Macdonell, Eleni Allen, Rob Brockman, Rhonda Riley,
Randy Lee, C.J. Bottitta
2. Survey results so far: 316 responses, 182 yes, 72 no, 62 undecided
3. Contacted local Realtors. All said they have never lost a sale in Abbington due to lack of Clubhouse.
4. Toured Haddon Hall Clubhouse. Take-away and advice:

  • Cost of renovation about $200,000. Included major changes to the plumbing and electrical, but the building was already in place.
  • Used Wake Remodeling and were very pleased
  • A neighborhood representative was the “project manager” and oversaw issues.
  • Clubhouse has large closet for supplies: cleaning/bathroom, snacks to be sold, etc. No extra storage space
  • Created concession/lifeguard area with fridge, snacks for sale, sign in for pool guests, etc. Kept traffic out of the clubhouse.
  • Inside they have a large island that is on wheels that they are able to move for events. They highly recommended this feature.
  • They have a tv, speakers, couch, chairs, 2 tables and fold up chairs/tables for larger events.
  • Capacity for Clubhouse is 48.
  • When you rent the Clubhouse you DO NOT get access to the pool.
  • They have rentals in 3 time blocks: 8-4 $50, 4-11 $75 or all day $125 Reservations are made through HOA.
  • Cleaners come twice a week. After events, group renting is responsible for cleaning up.
  • Construction went from Jan to late April
  • They have 3 other neighborhoods who are part of the HH community. Each pays $40 per month, townhomes a bit more for extra landscaping.

Recommendations from Haddon Hall Visit

  • Do not have a door from Clubhouse to pool area. This has led to issues for HH events/rentals.
  • Use quartz or granite countertops in bathroom areas. They used laminate and it is already damaged due to water.
  • Video cameras in clubhouse

Upcoming Action Items:
1. Reaching out to architects and contractors. Ready to start coming up with a few plans and bids to present to the neighborhood.
2. Finalize pricing and payment options.
3. Assess monthly cost of managing clubhouse: electric, cleaning, insurance etc.
4. Reaching out to PPM to find out how they envision their management role and how much they will charge for this added responsibility.
5. Touring Seagroves Farm’s Clubhouse.


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