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Committee Update – June 13

Abbington Enhancement Project Committee – Update June 13
(Name changed to better reflect effort and focus)

1. Committee members (8):
Kate Macdonell, Ted Hill, Randy Lee, Rhonda Riley, C.J Bottitta, Eleni Allen, Rob Brockman, Ryan Blazei

2. Survey results 
a. 343 out of 433 homes participated so far
b. 184 yes
c. 96 no
d. 63 undecided
e. Survey remains live until June 20

3. Notes from Seagroves Farm Clubhouse tour on 6/6/16:

  • Joe McClean, HOA president gave tour to Kate Macdonell
  • Use Charleston Management Group for property management. Highly recommend them. Katie Cauffman @ 919-847-3003
  • Community has 120 homes and 50 Townhomes. HOA dues are $175/qtr. Budget includes Maintenance $$ which covers all common areas, pool, CH, BPMs etc.
  • Clubhouse Rental is $20; plus $100 deposit
  • Rental Process, Fees, and Cleaning is managed by Charleston Management
  • Professionally cleaned every other week for $80
  • Reservations made through website. Dates of reservation marked as “pending” until deposit is received. Limited time to pay deposit to secure reservation.
  • No “back and forth” usage with pool allowed to prevent wet people and suits coming into Clubhouse. This preserves the floors, furniture and safety of Clubhouse. If used for a pool party the HOA asks that the 2 be separated; i.e.: first use the pool, dry off, then access CH, or vice versa
  • No charge for community event. Must be open to community until RSVPs reach capacity
  • Neighborhood volunteer checks condition after rental to ensure deposit can be refunded
  • Rules of usage posted on wall
  • AC/heat always set at highest/lowest when not in use to prevent additional cost
  • Usually have 6-10 reservations a month
  • Large kitchen space but no oven. They make do with toaster oven and microwave. Has not been a problem.


  • Large storage closet – for chairs, light bulbs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, AC filters, board games etc.
  • Get LED lights. Initial outlay is more but they last forever. Eliminates changing bulbs every month which is required by maintenance to prevent liability issues
  • Long row of hooks on wall eliminates need for coat closet
  • Choose color scheme before painting. Avoid “builder beige”. Make it homey
  • Suggest incorporating outside space such as fire pit and grill area
  • Projector and screen very useful. Custom made-cabinet for storage. Use it for board meetings, movie nights, fantasy football draft etc.
  • Install durable floors. Vinyl is good
  • Absolutely an asset to community!!

4. Met with Wake Remodeling at Abbington Pool on June 8
a. Discussed possibilities and vision with architect
b. Incorporated many of the amenities Abbington expressed interest in
c. Wake will give a detailed proposal including preliminary step of conceptual drawings
d. Rough pricing estimates will be provided
e. Construction phases will be laid out
f. Will attend neighborhood meetings to answer questions, hear feedback and tweak designs if we hire them

5. Contacted PPM about invoicing preference
a. Management’s recommendation is a one- time special assessment payment
b. Or quarterly payments since regular assessments are paid quarterly
c. North State Bank offers lending services for HOA’s

6. Contacted North State Bank about financing loan
a. The terms can be from 2 years to 10 years. The longer the term, the higher the rate.
b. Option for homeowners to pay full assessment up front or finance
c. The more who pay up front, the less the loan amount.
d. We would have to pick one term for all that is borrowed.
e. If we move forward with a loan, there are additional costs involved – Origination fee, attorney fees for closing, and third party inspector
f. Committee will present this as an option to the community with more details

7. Meeting of Committee on 6/12
a. Invited people who commented on Nextdoor to attend. None were able to do so.
b. Changed name from Clubhouse to Abbington Enhancement Project to better reflect direction of effort
8. Ted Hill and Ryan Blazei joined committee

Action Items:
• Remind contractors about proposals
• Share proposals with community ASAP
• Pick an architect to do the conceptual drawings
• Set date for an informational meeting (NOT A VOTE!) and have architect attend
• Create brochure type document to detail what is planned. Include all options on the table.
• Place “Ask me about the Project” yard signs on lawns of committee members


Clubhouse Committee Update – June 3

The following is an update from the Clubhouse Committee as of 6/3/2016

1. Survey results as of 6/3/16

a. 321 responses
b. Yes, want a clubhouse – 182
c. No, do not want – 77
d. Undecided – 62
e. REMINDER – Survey will remain live until June 20

2. Conference call with Luke Dobbins from Wake Remodeling re: Clubhouse concept

a. Meeting next week to look at site and assess project

3. Meeting with Darryl Clugston of D Clugston Bldg. & Development Co.

a. Discussed initial concept
b. Reaching out to Town to see if Clubhouse structure is allowed
c. Analyzing CAD drawings of current pool house and Town property records of Abbington

4. Discussion with PPM regarding support services they can provide for Clubhouse. These were wide-ranging and are ultimately up to HOA but some the Committee feels are necessary include:

a. Management and collection of rental fees
b. Management of rental contracts
c. Management of cleaning services
d. Management of events calendar (we feel this needs to be on-line)

5. We are going to try to move the presentation and vote date up from Nov to the end of summer. This will allow Abbington to have more time for the Town approval process if we vote to build the clubhouse.

6. We are committed to keeping a playground.

7. If approved, we will not allow construction to disturb pool season, even if it means postponing construction until after the 2017 season.

Action Items:
1. Tour of Seagroves Farms (rescheduled for next week)
2. Meeting with Wake Remodeling
3. Discussion with architect and engineering firm about Town approval process
4. Conceptualizing idea and creating renderings to share