Website Closing

Effective January 21, 2018 the Abbington Neighborhood website will no longer exist.

Please register with the new site here: Abbington Nbr Network Site

PPM is excited to offer Nabr Network to Abbington residents, as it provides all the features on the current website (i.e. accessibility to things such as HOA governing documents and related forms), plus additional features including:

  •  A multi-communication platform that allows for owners to get HOA-related news instantly via email, text message, the mobile app, and website posts
  • Online dynamic forms that can be completed and submitted through the website
  • An online calendar that owners can visit to find out about planned community events
  • The option for owners to provide profile and contact information to be accessible to other residents through the online directory
  • The ability for residents to start ‘Groups’ so owners with similar interests can connect

Note that if you pay online, you will now access the payment portal by logging into the new Nabr Network website.



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